About me

Hello and welcome!

I am launching this blog mainly with the aim of documenting some of my thoughts and reflections, with a focus on homelessness and the state of society today.


Here are a few things about me

  • I work for the national Christian housing and homelessness charity Housing Justice.
  • I started in this homelessness field in 1990 volunteering at the West London Day Centre. I have also worked and volunteered for The Passage, Emmaus, Union Chapel, The Simon Community, North London Action for the Homeless, and Caris Islington Churches Winter Shelter.
  • In May 2003 I became Development Worker for UNLEASH, Church Action on Homelessness in London. We were just 2 part time staff, sharing offices with Housing Justice, which itself launched in 2003 when CHAS, the Catholic Housing Aid Society, merged with CNHC, the Churches National Housing Coalition. UNLEASH merged with Housing Justice in 2006. Sorry about the complicated acronyms!
  • I’m a Christian, worshipping with BethnalGreenMissionChurch since we moved to this area in 2009. And we are: me, my wife Francoise and our youngest son Theo. Our two older children, Claire and Cameron, no longer live at home, except Cameron who comes home from Uni (sometimes) during the holidays.
  • Over my 20’s and 30’s I tried out various careers, and did a lot of travelling. I made a living for a time as a busker, in France, Italy and the US. I also lived in two radical communities: The Farm in Tennessee, and a small anarchist commune in Sardinia.
  • These days I still sing and play guitar and sometimes get inspired to write songs. I lead worship at our church, and can occasionally be spotted playing the blues, the folk, and now and again even a bit of Loud rock n’roll!

8 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Alastair
    I recently gave you a lift and dropped you off at scotch corner, however you left your hat in my truck can I please forward it on to you if you send me an address
    Regards Duncan

    • Hi Duncan,
      Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, moments after you dropped me off I realised I’d left my hat, and came running after you and waving, but if you did see me I’m sure you thought I was just waving goodbye! I actually bought another hat the next day, so don’t worry about posting that one back to me. I’m happy for you donate it to someone or if you don’t know anyone who might use it maybe a homeless day centre?
      and thanks again for the lift!
      best wishes

  2. Hi Alastair,
    Good to read this – It’s “Catherine” from your Holy Island visit. It was a really good time we had at Cambridge House and I look forward to reading the next stage of your journey. With prayers.

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