Thank you! Support Housing Justice!

Dear friends,

To you who have faithfully followed my adventures “On the Road and On the Street”; you who are fellow workers in the field of action on homelessness; friends from church and the local community;  new friends I met along the way; and all who have linked up to this blog via twitter, word press and I don’t know what else..

Firstly a massive Thank you for accompanying me!  Thank you for your comments and feedback on the blog and via email and Facebook. I have really felt part of a community while on this epic adventure.

During which I walked 320 miles! And climbed Ben Nevis! And hitch hiked over 250 miles! And mostly wild camped and lived and walked along the margins!

Thank you to all who gave me lifts when I was hitch hiking; to all who gave me a bed; to those who bought me cups of tea and sandwiches and the odd pint; and to those who shared something of their thoughts and insights and were there with encouragement.

OK.. before this gets out of hand and resembles the proverbial gushing acceptance speech..

So here I am back in the world of housing and homelessness campaigning. And I’m probably telling you what you already know, but times are hard and getting harder. And you don’t have to just take my word for it. The UN rapporteur on housing and homelessness in the UK says David Cameron’s Bedroom Tax breaches people’s human rights and should be scrapped. But the government belittles what she has said, and continue to ignore the fact that poor people all over the country agree with her! Housing Justice is one of the organisations campaigning to scrap the Bedroom Tax.

The new homelessness figures show that the cuts and changes to housing benefits are  having an effect. From April to June 2013 3,580 households became homeless due to their private tenancy coming to an end, which is an increase of 32% on the same period in 2012

I could go on, but the point I am making is that the work of Housing Justice is needed now more than ever. To speak up about the increasing injustice and inequality in our society. To be the voice of the church on homelessness.

Apart from the speaking up part, we are also very much involved at the sharp end, supporting new responses to homelessness and housing need, such as our National Night Shelters Conference  on the 23rd October.

Share the word! Support out work!


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