My first Munro!


Today I climbed Ben Nevis for the first time. As you can see above, the view from the top was basically the inside of a cloud! However the view from half way up was a little better


So that is basically all the walking done. I should be able to write a longer post from Iona, and when I’m back in London later in the week I’ll upload some more photos and write something about walking the West Highland Way. Basically , it was all about the fellowship. Here is a photo of me and my trusty companions with whom I shared most of the journey, Phil and Nils. We are at the official end of the Way, Fort William.


Toodle pip!


5 thoughts on “My first Munro!

  1. looking forward to next post and news from you. Well done to a genuine “montagnard”.See you soon, back home, with love from Francoise and Theo

  2. Your journey has been amazing and as I look at the photo records of stops along the way it has brought back so many good memories for me.I have not been to Scotland for many years but i did once try to climb Ben Nevis and only got to the spot where two crags of the climb met and nestling in the valley below was a beautiful crystal clear lake.This sight was wonderful and as I rested there for a while gave me the refreshment of mind and body that I needed to make the steep descent down.I hope the mountain has inspired you too Alastair and that you are in good form for this last stage.May Jesus guide you and go before you and his light be ever present .Uplifting and revealing new wonders of his love.peace be with you my friend.

  3. Hi Alasdair, absolute pleasure meeting and talking with u on Iona and the bus over mull. U blog is v interesting and moving-spiritually-as well as being a hard slog at points for u too i’m sure! But that’s all part of the experience of course. Anyway, I’ll continue to read on and please keep in touch if u want! Best wishes on u way back to London and decompression there! – Jez

    • Hi Jez, likewise! Really enjoyed meeting you and finding so many common themes in our lives, as well as appreciation of the single malt! Would like to keep in touch, for sure, and maybe meet up in London or Brighton one of these days.. All my best for the rest of your stay on Iona. A

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