Day 4: the journey so far

A brief update from my friend Don’s place in Maidenhead. His hospitality has been so welcome, especially after 2 nights of wild camping and an average walk of 12 miles a day. I arrived in Maidenhead this afternoon and he came to meet me, walked with me from the river to the pub, and then seeing how tired I was he carried my pack back to his place. There is a true brother!

I’m feeling a great deal more human after a bath, a short nap, and getting some clothes washed. One reason the walking is hard is that I’m carrying a fair bit of weight. It turns out that my pack is 15 kilos! I’ve checked it thoroughly and can’t see anything that isn’t essential. Unless you can spot anything in the photo..

IMG_6039 (768x1024)

Here are some more photos from the first few days. They are on Facebook but the link should work I hope

Camping out the woods near Chertsey on Tuesday and Old Windsor last night was interesting. I found myself involuntarily looking around in case anyone saw my heading into the woods. And I even had paranoid thoughts about the farmer coming with his gun, and the like. I felt furtive. Especially walking along the very well to do banks of the Thames. I’m sure this is a theme to which I’ll return, but another day.

I’ll finish with this verse we used in our worship on Sunday, partly with reference to me setting out the following day –

This is what the Lord says: Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls. Jeremiah 6:16

8 thoughts on “Day 4: the journey so far

  1. Hi Alastair. You have my respect! in terms of what you are carrying, I know from friends that walkers on the Camino (to Santiago) try for 9lbs but then the weather is different. Go well and safely. Cathy x

  2. Sounding good so far how would you like to meet up later in the Pilgramige? I would travel by train anyway thanks for walking for us well! Loves from Phil.

  3. thanks darling for mentioning Jeremiah 6:16;and thanks for Bernie’s insight. thanks too for Don so you could be restored. The Lord is with you and remains in you; I can see that sleeping in the wild can affect one’s mental health and I pray for his Peace to dwell in you day and night in your walking and in your sleeping. xx Francoise

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